HR Consulting



Do away with the need to hire an in-house HR department by engaging our HR on Demand Services which will give you a cost-effective, competent and experienced HR Team


Our Service Offerings:


  1. Outsourced HR Department– We manage your entire HR department and its needs.

  2. Retainer HR Services – Work onsite on a retainer basis with the HR team to provide services on specific requirements or department within HR. e.g. HR Operations, HR Talent Management (background checks, exit interviews), Recruitment (hiring Critical Resources).



The key to achieving your organization’s Vision-Mission-Goals
is robust and efficient HR Processes. 
Our customized HR Solutions Services are designed to be the “Best Fit” for your organization and are the perfect way to take care of your employee’s HR requirements.

You can opt for a comprehensive service for end-to-end employee life cycle processes or just pick a specific HR
project you need to focus on.


Our Service Offerings:


  1. Mission-Vision-Values-Culture, Organization Structure,
    Job Descriptions

  2. Performance Management Systems

  3. Talent Training & Retention

  4. Talent Acquisition & Engagement


An HR Audit is a cost-effective way to review a company’s strengths and weaknesses, and if improvements can be made.
It highlights the potential risk areas that and proposed recommendations to proactively mitigate these.


Our Service Offerings:


  1. 360 HR Audit: Our 360 HR Audits includes a thorough review of employment practices, HR policies and key critical processes and workplace culture assessment.

  2. Employee Files Audit: Employers need to demonstrate compliance through the production of accurately maintained and stored records. A missing signature on an acknowledgement form or an unchecked box may appear
    to be minor issues, but each can subject an organization to fines and penalties.

  3. HR Department Audit: An HR functions audit looks at
    the various functions of the HR department, how those
    functions are being conducted, and whether they are effective and efficient.



Take ready online HR platforms and act as a liaison for the company and the third party HR system vendor to digitize the HR solutions either for a specific department or the entire Employee Life Cycle (From Hiring to Exit)



An employee handbook is a fundamental requirement
of a sound HR program. HR Advisors will develop an employee handbook of policies and processes that drives the organization towards a system-based approach rather than a person-based approach



This offering aims to train and develop skill sets of young
HR professionals to deal with and handle the challenging requirements of their role.


We identify the key focus and development areas and
provide training, coaching, mentoring and guidance through well-structured sessions to meet the training objectives.
We conduct a psychometric assessment, 360-degree feedback, identify development areas, draw development plans and coach/train the HR to build capability in a structured and
goal-oriented manner.